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Shared decision making

RESCHEDULED! Date TBA @ 15.00- – 17.00h

By Olga Damman

Veerle Coupe and Judith Bosmans are organizing a series on Medical Decision Making.
This is the forth tutorial in a series of four tutorials.

This tutorial by Olga Damman will focus on shared decision making.

When: TBA
Time: 15:00-17:00h
Location: VU Campus

In this series we will go in depth on how to improve health care and health policy decisions. How to determine the best decision when randomized trial data is absent? How to take patient preferences into account in decision making? And how to measure these preferences? In this tutorial series, these different aspects of medical decision making will be discussed. The series consist of four tutorials.

(The tutorials can be followed separately, it is not obligatory to attend all 4 tutorials).

We hope to see you there!

Any suggestions for future tutorial topics?

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