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FAIR #2: Share your dataset

May 11, 2023

By Ronald Cornet and Mariska Leeflang

With presentation of Paul Elders

This second tutorial of the FAIR series focuses on sharing data! In three sessions we will discuss the use of freely available datasets, the FAIR-ization of your own data and peer-reviewing each other’s data.

In this tutorial we will talk about the FAIR pipeline and give a brief recap of FAIR tutorial #1 ‘Find your dataset’ and an introduction of next steps. You will learn about how to apply FAIR Principles on your data – bottle necks, challenges, and solutions. This session also contains a success story and a practice session. Bring your own data, work on your current or future, real or synthetic dataset to make it FAIR. We will also teach you how to apply experiences from the first session, and what resources do we need and use to make our data FAIR? 

Any suggestions for future tutorial topics?

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