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FAIR #3: Review your dataset

October 23, 2023

By Ronald Cornet and Mariska Leeflang

With presentations from Rudy Scholte, Mijke Jetten, Marianne Knoop Pathuis- Baarda, Louise Vosters

This is the third FAIR tutorial in a series of three! In three sessions we will discuss the use of freely available datasets, the FAIR-ization of your own data and peer-reviewing each other’s data

Open Science and FAIR data are non-trivial, and may bring challenges. However, you are not on your own! In Amsterdam UMC, like in many organizations, there is a Research Data Management department, with skills, knowledge and materials that can help to overcome  your challenges. And in the Netherlands, Health-RI plays an important role in supporting Health Research Data sharing, providing services and tools to support your research, as well as access to an international network. 

Any suggestions for future tutorial topics?

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